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General Information

Title In the original language: Beth Nahrain بيت النهرين

English title: Home Of The Rivers

French title: Le Foyer Des Rivières

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 76 minutes

Filming format: Full HD

Screening format: DCP 2K 16:9 , Blu-ray

Release Date: 2/1/2018





Salam Al Zuheiri

Hanaa Mahawi- Al Zuheiri

Noura Al Zuheiri

Anwar Al Zuheiri

Yohan Al Zuheiri

Chekh Raad Al Hani

And the sculptore:

Fadi Yazegi





Production Company: Cinémaya Production, Damascus/Syria

Co-Founder: Etijahat Independent Culture

Director, Cinematographer and Producer: Maya Mounayer

Co-Producer: Fida Chalhoub

Editor: Mohammad Ali Maleh

Music & sound FX: Samir Kweifati

Stop Motion: Tamara Ibrahim

Coloring & FXV: Mounir Marzouk, Majed Rankoussi

Mastering: Rawad A. Messih

Sound Operators: Isis Mohammad, Rami Khouri

Technical support: Mohammed Aji

Ordinator in Middle East: Lama Tayara



 Approaching death under the missiles several times in Damascus, has led to a second radical change in Salam Zuhairi's life.
 Most of the religious and ethnic minorities were forced to leave Iraq since 2004 as a result of war.
 After being displaced from Iraq to Damascus, the Mandaean community, for whom fighting is against religion, had no solution but to flee and spread (despite being a closed religion), or to die. As a result, Salam became "ishkanda" (the rank of a Mandaean clergyman), but had a sense of pain and loss of identity. 
 The new war he has been living for the second time in Syria is a source of inspiration for him to return to the practice of sculpting that has been cut off for more than 13 years.
 With the support of his daughter Nora and the Syrian artist Fadi Yazji, he gradually manages to overcome the problem of the cleric/artist, sculpting the statue of "the cry", his cry, to stop all this death and human fragmentation.

 The film revolves around the family of Zuhairi in the town of Jaramana, in the countryside of Damascus; it begins with the myth of the Rafidaini flood in a projection of the current Middle Eastern wars. Through the Zuhairi family, questions of identity and impact are raised, and life is restored, after total destruction, with an immigrant family from a country whose migration is one of the largest migrations of the modern era.





Muscat International Film Festival 2018 (Special mention) alt

Oran Arab Film Festival 2018

Malmo Arab Film Festival 2018

Jerusalem International Film Festival 2018 (Golden Olive/ Best award for feature documentary) alt

Luxor African Film Festival 2019 (Best Artistic Achievement Prize / Freedom competition) alt