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Vision . Prevision

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Cinémaya produces digital cinema, as well as different types of Audio-Visual projects for television and web, such as reports, music clips, advertisements...

Our main productions in cinema are documentaries and short fiction films.

Our future  target is to produce feature fiction films.

Executive Production


Cinémaya executes in Syria,  Audio-Visual projects requested by other producers. Our production covers all aspects including:




- Permissions and rights

- Script consultancy

- Trailer

- Film’s website design

- Film’s official file design





- Equipment

- Professional audio-visual artists stuff

- Casting

- Transport and catering

- Locations, decoration and accessories

- Costumes, make-up and hair design

- Shooting



Post- Production   (in collaboration with other studios and laboratories in Syria and Lebanon)

- Editing

- Color correction

- Graphics and special visual effects

- Music composition

- Sound design, editing, mixing and mastering

- Digital cinema version exportation (DCP, Blu-Ray and digital files)

- Television and web versions exportation

- Poster and disk design



Technical Services



Cinémaya Production also offers in Damascus, below additional  services :

- Script consultancy

- Shooting with professional audio-visual artists and equipment

- Editing

- Trailer making

- Digital cinema version exportation, Blu-Ray, digital files and DCP (in collaboration with a laboratory in Lebanon)

- Television and web versions exportation

- Poster and disk cover design

- Film’s website design

- Film’s official file design